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Cool proof of concept! The controls are responsive, the enemies are fair, and the art is pretty good too. I do have a couple suggestions moving forward though:

- Overall, the game is pretty easy right now. However, that's to be expected from something this early on in development. Increasing the difficulty is a pretty easy thing to do as you add levels.

- I like the explosion effects, but I would recommend having a different animation/sound effect for when the player blows up, and for the boss, only have the explosion sound effect play when one of the orbs actually explodes. When you only damage the boss, maybe have the orb flash so that the player still sees that they got a hit.

Good job on this! Looking forward to seeing what you'll do in the future!

Pretty neat! A few pointers though:

- Add checkpoints at the start of each level. This is the kind of game that supports trial and error, and having to restart from the beginning each time you mess up will make the player frustrated very quickly.

- The controls are a little touchy. I would recommend decreasing the speed at which the rocket turns, or making it turn a little smoother. Maybe instead of directly modifying the transform, try adding some angular velocity instead (just make sure you turn up the angular drag!).

- The game could benefit from some sound effects. The visual effects look nice, but having some audio feedback would be cool too.

- I'm guessing that these are all just temporary assets, but I would suggest changing the colors of the rocket. The rocket is a bit oversaturated in its colors, especially the green. I would recommend just using one color group throughout the entire thing, or use several different dark colors.

Good work on this! There's always going to be room for improvement, but this is a great starting point!

pukks responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback this is exactly what I needed constructive criticism. I will make additional improvements based on the feedback.

I wasn't sure about whether to add checkpoints or not but you've helped sway it one way. Also I have an issue with the audio for web builds in Unity with this project. It's fine on PC exe builds but when I build it onto webgl it doesn't seem to play any audio at all which is a pain but my older games audio work fine. I've been searching the net for a reason why but I'm yet to find one.

Great review QuirkySquid

Is it a masterpiece? No.
Does it compete with some of the other games on here? Probably not.

And you know what? That's okay. You made something, and you wanted to show it to people. And that's great!

There's still a lot of room for improvement, but it's a start. So even if people don't really like the stuff you create, keep creating it. Practice is the best way for you to improve your skills.

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Very interesting song! Others have said this already, but it's a little all over the place. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I think the song would sound a lot more fluid if you tried to incorporate some more transitions.

I think a large part of the issue is how choppy the rhythm is. There's this constant pattern of a bunch of notes, then only a few, then a bunch more, etc. This can work, but when you're working with so many key changes, you have to keep it flowing between them. Otherwise it just sounds like you're stopping and starting throughout the entire thing.

The other point of critique I have is that a few sections a bit dissonant. Dissonance can definitely be used to your benefit, but be careful with it. Some well placed dissonance here and there can build tension, but for this kind of song you have to resolve it. For instance, each diminished chord leads well into another chord, but if you don't follow through with it, then it just sounds unsettling.

Still, good job with this! You have a lot of good ideas in here, they just need to be meshed together a bit better. Greetings from R4R!

I'm a little biased, but still, you did a great job on this! I'd definitely say that you're getting better with practice. Keep it up!

BlueNexus responds:

Thanks! I am trying my best to improve.

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